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D3 Entrepreneurial Best Practices Report
16 May, 2024

D3 Entrepreneurial Best Practices Report as part of the ExcellEnt project, showcases the initiative’s commitment to enhancing European entrepreneurship through youth employability and a culture of sharing resources. The report bridges the gap between academic institutions and innovation enablers, aiming to align formal educational practices with the dynamic needs of the entrepreneurial sector.

D1.2 Mapping of the Key Entrepreneurial Competences
14 May, 2024

Deliverable D1.2, ‘Mapping of the key entrepreneurial competences’, focuses on a comprehensive analysis of the interview results gathered in Deliverable 1.1., from the perspectives of entrepreneurial competences and attitudes. Our main objective in this deliverable is to identify the most important competencies and attitudes that make entrepreneurs successful across six ecosystems. This research also investigates […]

D33 Impact Measurement and Monitoring
18 January, 2024

Deliverable D33, ‘Impact Measurement and Monitoring’ of the ExcellEnt project, details a structured approach for assessing and evaluating the project’s impact. It focuses on tracking and measuring effectiveness against key performance indicators (KPIs) and strategic objectives (SOs) related to entrepreneurial success, ecosystem diversity, and strengthening. The deliverable outlines four strategic objectives and five deliverable elements, […]

D16 Communication and Dissemination Actions Report – First Report
18 January, 2024

The objective of the deliverable is to outline the strategy for dissemination and communication activities carried out during the project. The D16 deliverable is structured in four sections addressing the different aspects that a communication plan may focus on. In the first section it covers the methodology, procedures, obligations regarding communication activities in the ExcellEnt […]

D5 Report on the SWOT Analysis of Entrepreneurial Ecosystems
18 January, 2024

This report from the ExcellEnt project examines the dynamics of entrepreneurial ecosystems in six European countries (Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Ukraine, France, and Ireland). It presents detailed SWOT analyses of each country to understand their strengths and weaknesses in fostering new ventures.

D1 Compendium of interview with entrepreneurial ecosystem stakeholders
18 January, 2024

This document investigates the resources and paths needed to become a successful entrepreneur in Europe. It involves studying practices of successful entrepreneurs across six European ecosystems, analyzing support programs from various organizations and policymakers, and comparing business realities with academic models in entrepreneurship. The methodology employs an experiential learning approach, emphasizing real-world entrepreneurial stories to […]