ExcellEnt has the ambition:

to strengthen and homogenise entrepreneurial practices by enhancing the connectedness between the members of 6 entrepreneurial ecosystems across Europe


to build bridges across EU entrepreneurial ecosystems, creating equal opportunities for arising entrepreneurs in less developed ecosystems


to explore novel ways to capture, preserve, curate, organise and communicate sets of unstructured entrepreneurial experiences, stories and entrepreneurial experiences, stories and narratives



  • Reveal the patterns of EU diversified entrepreneurial success & explore sets of unstructured entrepreneurial experiences, stories and narratives.
  • Aggregate the most suitable resources to help build a bridge from the academic education environment towards the real entrepreneurial world.
  • Exploit the results of the project and make the activities sustainable in the long term & create a more fertile European ecosystem for entrepreneurs and start-ups.
  • Connect the EU entrepreneurial ecosystems and activate cooperation between entrepreneurs from different ecosystems, educational institutions and start-ups support organisations.