Stage 1

Define an actionable skill-building model for successful entrepreneurship & identify the key needs of the 6 ecosystems

study the practices of successful entrepreneurs through interviews with successful founders
analyse the support programs and services of public and private support organizations and policy makers
compare the “business reality” with the structured models for educational programs of Higher Education Institutions training entrepreneurs.
discuss the findings within 6 regional workshops and 1 large pan-European workshop
Stage 2

Identify and make available the resources for entrepreneurial projects development

We will set up a pool of resources for supporting entrepreneurial initiatives and early stage digital start-ups
the experience acquired by Creative Cluster through the Reboot Campus - program
Expertise of Sabanchi University, Turkey
Athena - the e-learning platform of iED
iED’s 16 years long expertise as a certified leading Center of Excellence in European entrepreneurship
Expertise of Sofia University st. Kliment Ohridski in Bulgaria
iED Academy - an all-in-one European Entrepreneurship Knowledge Hub
Creative Cluster framework developed in the scope of the IPHE program
Stage 3

Identify and make available the resources for entrepreneurial projects development

Foreign ecosystem discovery & soft-landing missions
20 multidisciplinary participants in each ecosystem
5 entrepreneurs
5 support organizations
5 early stage start-ups
5 academic institutions representative
The participants will be selected through open calls and will become ambassadors of the project and ecosystems connectedness
Workshops and masterclasses, networking and matchmaking sessions with business partners, investors and support organizations
Stage 4

Widening EU entrepreneurial ecosystems connectedness and enhance participation beyond the 6 ecosystems.

to involve in the activities all relevant representatives in each ecosystem and to cover additional European ecosystems of different degrees of maturity.
to establish the partnerships with local incubators and other entrepreneurs and early stage start-up support organizations.
to organize specific workshops to allow participants to perform a SWOT analysis of emerging ecosystems and advance ecosystems.
Stage 5

Consolidating the community and making the project activities sustainable.

to offer capacity building support to emerging ecosystems
to involve policy makers that could support the ecosystems locally
to create a guide of best practices and policy briefs