Excellence in entrepreneurship

Expanding European entrepreneurship by boosting youth (self) employability and promoting a sharing resources culture.


ExcellEnt is a project funded by the Horizon Europe programme of the European Union, with the mission to strengthen entrepreneurial practices and build bridges across EU entrepreneurial ecosystems

It aims to design new methodological approaches & tools and offer the resources and support needed to foster the emergence of innovative entrepreneurs

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Defining an actionable skill-building model for successful entrepreneurship

AIM: to raise awareness and foster involvement of experienced entrepreneurs across EU ecosystems.

Identifying and make available the resources for entrepreneurial projects development

AIM: to build a bridge from the academic education environment towards the real entrepreneurial world.

Enhancing connectedness and collaborating with ecosystem representatives to support entrepreneurs

AIM: to launch a discovery program to become a source of integration between different ecosystems

Widening EU entrepreneurial ecosystems connectedness

AIM: to enhance participation beyond the 6 ecosystems represented in the consortium

Consolidating the community and making the project activities sustainable

AIM: to establish concrete and operational partnerships with external support organizations
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Target groups

Incubators & Startup

Universities & educational institutions

and Startups


Policy makers

  • Identification of the entrepreneurial success model
  • Integration of theoretical models & field practices
  • Launch of European Entrepreneurship Academy
  • Scale-up missions and other support programs for startups
  • Connectedness of cross-border entrepreneurial ecosystems
  • Excellence in Entrepreneurship Conference
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