28 June, 2024

Consortium Partners Meeting in Paris: A Recap of the ExcellEnt Project Event

On June 26-27, 2024, the vibrant city of Paris played host to an important gathering of consortium partners for the ExcellEnt Project. Organized by Creative Cluster, this two-day event brought together key stakeholders for intensive discussions on project progress, achievements, and the road ahead.

The meeting was dedicated to a a comprehensive review of the project’s progress, the impacts achieved, and a planning of new activities for entrepreneurial ecosystems of Bulgaria, France, Greece, Ireland, Turkiye, and Ukraine. The consortium partners engaged in a fruitful discussion about the project’s major milestones and the strategic steps needed to achieve the remaining objectives. This collaborative exchange was crucial for aligning the consortium’s efforts and ensuring a unified approach moving forward.

Also, the consortium meeting focused on a strategy for enrolling entrepreneurial ecosystem builders and their members into ExcellEnt’s business landscape. The discussion covered the planning of roll-out and engagement events for entrepreneurs, crucial for community building, strengthening and homogenising business practices across Europe.

Stay tuned for upcoming news and events!

Many thanks to all partners for their contribution:

Institute of Entrepreneurship Development, Greece – Zoi Moza / Stella Ioannou

GATE Institute, Bulgaria – Denitsa Stoilova / Irena Pavlova

Booster Labs, France – Paul Stefanut / Sonia Merlo

Creative Cluster, France – Yann Gozlan / Tunde Kallai / Olga Bochkova / Vitaly Charushin / Alain Simac

The International Development Ireland, Ireland – Odysseas Spyroglou / Kemal Onur Güngör / Selin Dogrusoz

Sabanci University, Turkiye – Berna Beyhan / Türkan Yosun

TechUkraine, Ukraine – Nataly Veremeeva / Tatiana Skydan



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