Project achievements
30 November, 2023

Unlocking Entrepreneurial Excellent Experience Across Europe

Experience is a precious tool. It plays a crucial role in personal and professional development, contributing to learning, adaptability, confidence, and overall success. It is a dynamic and ongoing process that shapes individuals into well-rounded and capable beings.

And what about experience in entrepreneurship?

What challenges did tech entrepreneurs face at the beginning of their journey? Where can founders find resources and motivation? How to find the first capital? Is defining the company’s mission really important on the entrepreneur’s path? How to deal with mistakes and failures?

Learning from the experience of other successful entrepreneurs can help a new generation of innovators on their business journey. The ExcellEnt Project was created directly with this mission in mind. Taking a comprehensive approach, the project partners analyze entrepreneurship from all angles — education and government play an important role in the art of creating and running a business. Therefore, we did not limit ourselves to collecting the experience of entrepreneurs alone. The experience of higher education institutions, accelerators and incubators, as well as policy makers is highly considered in the project too.

Talking about internal achievements, we’ve recently reached the first milestone by conducting 119 interviews with successful entrepreneurs, accelerators and incubators, universities, and policy makers. We’ve processed data from French, Greek, Turkish, Irish, Bulgarian and Ukrainian ecosystems by careful analysis of interviews, finding valuable patterns and lessons which we will share with our target audience in posts, articles and events. 

In a world where innovation is the lifeblood of progress, the ExcellEnt Project unlocks the secrets of entrepreneurial excellence. Sign up for further updates as this Horizon Europe-funded initiative continues its journey to shape a future of the European entrepreneurial landscape within the next 22 months.


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