7 May, 2024

Unlocking Entrepreneurial Potential: Online Workshops for Greece, Bulgaria, Ireland, France, Turkey and Ukraine

Are you eager to explore the dynamic landscape of entrepreneurship in Europe? Do you want to be part of insightful discussions that uncover the current situations, needs, challenges, and best practices shaping the entrepreneurial ecosystem across the EU? Then mark your calendars for our upcoming Online Workshop for entrepreneurs in Bulgaria, France, Greece, Ireland, Turkey, and Ukraine!

National workshops aim to bring together a diverse range of ecosystem stakeholders, including local entrepreneurs, business leaders, startup founders, policymakers, academics, and interested community members. Through interactive discussions, we’ll delve into the results of previously conducted interviews, providing valuable insights into the entrepreneurial landscape in Europe.


Key Topics:


  • Current Trends and Opportunities in European Entrepreneurship
  • Identifying Needs and Challenges Faced by Entrepreneurs
  • Best Practices and Success Stories from Across the EU
  • Potential Risks and Strategies for Overcoming Them


These Workshops are Perfect For:


  • Local Entrepreneurs seeking inspiration and practical insights to grow their ventures.
  • Business Leaders and Startup Founders interested in learning about emerging trends and best practices.
  • Policymakers aiming to boost a supportive environment for entrepreneurship in their communities.
  • Academics and Researchers exploring the latest developments in entrepreneurial studies.
  • Interested Community Members eager to contribute to discussions on shaping the future of entrepreneurship in Europe.


Save the Date For:



๐Ÿ“†Date: 28.05.24


๐Ÿ“†Date: 14.05.24


๐Ÿ“†Date: 17.05.24


๐Ÿ“†Date: 28.05.24


๐Ÿ“†Date: 10.05.24


๐Ÿ“†Date: 15.05.24

Weโ€™ll send you the link for the online workshop after the registration.

The results of this national session will be merged into a Pan-European online workshop which takes place on May 31, 2024, involving a broader range of stakeholders including high-level policymakers, and leaders from various EU countries.


ExcellEnt is a project funded by the Horizon Europe programme of the European Union, with the mission to strengthen entrepreneurial practices and build bridges across EU entrepreneurial ecosystems. It aims to design new methodological approaches & tools and offer the resources and support needed to foster the emergence of innovative entrepreneurs

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